by Patricia Walker
on August 04, 2017

Electric Vehicle Experience Centre

Milton Keynes is the new home for the UK’s first ever multi brand electric car showroom. The sleek showroom sits amongst the shops in the Centre MK, hoping to draw the attention and curiosity of passing shoppers. Unlike commercial showrooms, the EV Experience Centre is a neutral space with no sales pressure or affiliation with any particular car company. The space hosts many brands including: BMW, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Kia.

The showroom offers an inside look at 4 popular hybrid cars: VW Golf GTE, BMW i3, Mitsubishi Phev and Nissan Leaf. As well as exploring the vehicles, customers can request to test drive similar hybrid cars to further understand how they drive and operate. Other than the cars themselves, the showroom hosts multiple Chargemaster charging stations, allowing shoppers to understand how user friendly the stations are to operate. Chargemaster are the primary supplier of UK EV charging stations, with 6000 charging points across the UK, and an increasing installation rate of 25 per month [2].

Along the far sidewall of the showroom sits 3 pairs of headphones, showcasing multiple informative videos (EV Stories) regarding the origins of EV, ease of use, different types of charging stations and personal experiences. This offers another sensory information point to potential buyers, improving their showroom experience whilst increasing their knowledge of hybrid technology.

Multiple expert staff are positioned around the showroom, offering advice and the benefit of their knowledge about purchasing and running an electric vehicle. The EV Experience Centre is part of Milton Keynes’ Go Ultra Low City scheme, providing a crucial service that educates consumers on their purchasing decisions regarding motor vehicles. With further implementation of EV Centre’s across the UK, the general public will become better informed about the vehicles they’re driving, and about potentially making the increasingly popular move from petrol to electric.

Author: Megan Whaley




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