by Max
on August 08, 2017

Online Video - The King of Content

The world of digital marketing is constantly expanding and changing as new trends and technologies emerge. One trend which although isn’t new, has been on the rise for a number of years now and shows no sign of stopping, is online video content. 

It’s predicted that this now accounts for 74% of all web traffic, so unless you’ve somehow avoided the Internet completely, it’s highly likely that you will have engaged with online videos at some point! Many of the big players in social media are investing heavily in video by introducing new ways of sharing it and it now plays a big part in any marketing plan.

So, why is it so popular? Many people face time constraints and video offers a much more digestible and engaging way to consume content. If offered the choice of reading a long article about a product or watching a short video, many would choose the latter. There’s also the shareability factor, people love to share videos and this results in a much higher reach with videos on Facebook seeing a 135% increase in organic reach over other types of content. This is reflected in Google’s page rankings as well, being the owner of YouTube where a vast majority of online video is published, video content is prioritised in search results. One simple way to help enhance any SEO strategy.

Video gives brands the freedom to be more creative & inject personality into content and with the technology available today in tablets and camera phones, creating good quality video content is increasingly accessible and easier than ever before. As a visual experience, it increases brand awareness as people are much more likely to remember a video that they have seen and the brand associated with it than something less visual. It’s also been proven to boost results in email marketing campaigns, with click through rates improved by 65% by simply using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line.

The ROI for marketers in utilising online video is clear and none more so than its use in social media. Instagram boasts 400 million users each day; of which 70% follow a business, so the reach and engagement potential across these platforms are huge. With new ways to share and engage with video content including live videos, now offered by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram amongst others & Facebook prioritising these, naturally they attract a bigger reach and now live videos are 3x more likely to be watched than regular videos.

Use of online video content has been steadily increasing and we can only expect this to continue as more and more brands incorporate it into their marketing plans. If you haven’t yet ventured into video content – you should!



A recent graduate from the University of Portsmouth, Max gained some great client side experience in the Automotive industry as part of his degree. He loves sport and spends his time watching the UFC and following MK Dons football team around the country. When not watching sport, he’s often listening to or mixing Drum and Bass.