by Jo Robinson
on August 08, 2017

The Breakfast Revolution

In 2014 we published an infographic about breakfast and the popularity of the great British fry up.

How times have changed. Read on to see how far we have come in only 3 years.

Since 2008, ‘out of home’ breakfast visits have increased by 107 million, so it’s no wonder restaurants are eager to remain up to date with the latest breakfast trends. The breakfast landscape is shifting towards being more health orientated, due to the influence of media i.e. documentaries like ‘Cowspiracy’, creating opportunity for small chain cafes to accommodate these healthy consumer demands.

Outgrowing its 12 o’clock counterpart, breakfast has seen great popularity - evolving from the classic English fry up to the current staple, avocado on toast. This change in demanded dishes has created greater vegan/vegetarian breakfast options. These choices are no longer an exclusive niche, with the majority of restaurants now accommodating and often specialising in non-meat breakfast alternatives.


Statistics like ‘268 million bacon butty’s were eaten for breakfast in 2013’ now seem unimaginable, with all the current protein alternatives available. Eggs are becoming increasingly popular - from Benedict to Florentine, providing a high source of protein and are ideal for the health conscious. Sprout and Co. state egg dishes have recently become their best seller, whilst also being a profitable item as people are willing to pay 39% more per meal due to the perceived health benefits.

Oatmeal is now also a common breakfast food that can be associated with paleo, gluten free and vegan - all key buzzwords for the contemporary café. Toppings such as fresh fruit, chia seeds, linseed and almonds, have all aided the revitalisation of oatmeal as a current breakfast trend. The Ivy London has introduced 2 types of porridge onto its current breakfast menu, demonstrating the traction it’s gaining in all calibres of dining.


Lastly, international cuisine’s influence on current breakfast menus is impossible to ignore. Shown through the mainstreaming of ethnic flavours such as turmeric and paprika and introduction of items such as Turkish Eggs Menemen, Breakfast Burritos and Coconut Pancakes. This influx of globalized cuisine has been established throughout dinner menus for years, and is rapidly transitioning into breakfasts around the world.

The essential breakfast components - toast and eggs will remain timeless, though indulging in greasy fry ups looks to be a pleasure of the past. Embrace the world of chorizo filled omelettes and goji berry smoothies, because restaurants certainly are.

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Jo Robinson

Jo has over 20 years experience working in advertising and marketing agencies and has worked with clients across the automotive, FMCG and hospitality sectors. Her spare time is taken up with family and their dog – Harry the Korthals Griffon.