by Patricia Walker
on July 21, 2017

Ads of the month

One of the most memorable and humorous adverts I’ve seen recently has to be the ‘Weiner Stampede’. Showcased during the 50th Super Bowl, it formed part of Heinz larger ‘Meet the Ketchups’ campaign, introducing their full range of condiments. What better way to do this than a stampede of Dachshund’s dressed as hotdogs…so cute and a testament to marketer’s long-standing use of animals to evoke an emotional connection with its audience. It certainly kept me engaged and pining for a sausage dog of my own.

Whether you can recall the array of condiments is negligible, but you certainly remember the advert which we can thank the team at Creative Shop David in Miami and the marketing team at Heinz.

A more recent advert that I’m sure has also warmed many hearts, is the McDonalds ‘Hunter Gatherer’ campaign. After recent backlash regarding McDonald’s ‘Dad’ advertisement, a level of redemption for the brand was essential. Leo Burnett created the ‘Hunter Gatherer’ campaign 3 years ago and in response to the public reaction it has now been re-released onto UK screens. The advert showcases a pregnant woman craving a late night snack and her partner searching the local shops trying to find it for her. As the advert unfolds, all the stores turn out to be closed, however McDonald’s is open, allowing him to return with the pickles she has been craving.

The advert cleverly demonstrates McDonald’s dependable service, available to many of their customers 24/7 and their core value of always putting the customer first. Meeting customer’s demands is emphasised throughout the advert and is complemented by the background music (Darling Be Home Soon - Lovin' Spoonful). Overall I think the advert succeeds in showcasing the brand in a positive light and leaves the viewer with a perhaps a more virtuous opinion of McDonald’s. Nicely done Leo Burnett and hopefully it will go some way to restore its damaged brand.

Author: Megan Whaley


Patricia Walker

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