by Chrissy Norwich
on September 19, 2017

Having a Baaarilliant time with Shaun the Sheep!

Our Hospitality team have many years experience working on the full spectrum of kids’ licensed partnerships, to heighten the fun and appeal of a brand for families with kids, as well as creating our own Kid focussed comms and activities.  This year we had the treat of working with Aardman on Shaun the Sheep as lead agency for Whitbread, which kicked off with a tour of Aardman's studios in Bristol and seeing the plasticine sheep in person!  

For Beefeater, Thyme, Whitbread Inns and Table Table we created a new Kids Menu, which we took over with Shaun and friends, complete with Shaun the Sheep sillyness and activities to keep children amused at the table.  It also included a scene of Shaun which could be launched via an app to show exclusive footage of Shaun the Sheep on your mobile phone.  A new added experience for Whitbread’s guests during the summer months.

As the school summer holidays are long, Clarity looked at how we could encourage families to come back for more great value meals together at their local restaurant.  Whether having a fun day out, or at home, kids also need to eat!   So we also created a Summer Loyalty Passport which offered more fun for children.  This Summer Passport, given out in restaurants throughout the summer, contained further fun activities with Shaun and friends, as well as a chance to collect stickers to stick in the passport that activated more exclusive Augmented Reality movie clips.  So the more they visited over the summer holidays, the more stickers and clips they collected.   More fun for children (and us!), less cooking and washing up for the parents!

External and internal comms relayed this fun to be had, as well as a short TV animation in the adjacent Premier Inn hotels, plus competitions across social media, with a chance to win a bundle of Shaun the Sheep goodies.


Chrissy Norwich

Chrissy has over 20 years experience working for Marketing, Design, Event and Promotions Agencies, both nationally & internationally. A creative herself Chrissy, loves working with creative people and visiting galleries and theatres. Chrissy is also a practitioner and teacher of Reiki.