by Helen Walton
on March 01, 2018


Already this year is setting new trends in design and we at Clarity are in the vanguard.

Bold colours 

It’s time to be bold. Colour combinations which, a few years ago, would have made us shriek, are now being welcomed and embraced.

Bold colours

Take, for example, Dropbox, who recently had the biggest rebrand in the company’s history.  The company has opted for a combination of commissioned illustrations, photography and a stand-out colour palette. “Colour can go from a standard Dropbox blue to ‘whoa’. Same for type, photography, and illustration. In a marketing campaign, we can dial things up to provoke and inspire creative energy. But in our product, where people need to concentrate on their work, we can dial it down.” 


Source dropbox-rebrand-collins-graphic-design-041017

Perhaps 2018 is the year that you mix up some braver colours...

Responsive logos


With “57% of users saying they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site”, (socPub) it is more important than ever to get yours into perfect form. A project by Joe Harrison aims to explore the possibilities, solutions, and future-proof logos. “By applying responsive design principles to individual elements of a logo, and stripping out detail in relation to screen size, a more legible and appropriate logo can be displayed. The concept aims to move branding away from fixed, rigid guidelines into a more flexible and contextual system.” Have a play on

Responsive logos


Duotone is the name of the printing process where you typically use 2 or more, generally pantone, colours. One colour is most commonly a dark base colour, and another, lighter, colour brings out the tones in the image. This was once a purely handcrafted technique, but we’ve seen a surge in digitally produced versions. Design Agency ‘Collins’ rebranded Spotify and heroed this technique in its communications. It has allowed Spotify to apply its own tonal effects to standard music images so that it is instantly recognizable and differentiated from its competitors.


Bright Gradients

The past few years have seen a trend in simplified logos and solid colours. Perhaps a backlash against the use of crazy gradients (as commonly seen in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint documents...), everything is turning clean and flat. Slowly emerging back out of the dark, they are subtle, smooth, and stylish...  quite beautiful.

Elje Group

Highly Detailed illustrations

Feast your eyes on these. We’ve seen plants inspire homeware and textiles and now they have moved into graphic design. From beautiful botanical illustrations to crafted logos, we’ve seen this trend in the food and beverage industry in particular. Take a look through design archives and let them inspire your next project.

Cafe Bali


Helen Walton

Helen gained experience working for Clarity as an intern during University and has now returned having graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. Most weekends are spent supporting her petrol head family at motocross tracks and racetracks around the country. She loves visiting new places and sampling new restaurants and coffee shops.