by Jo Robinson
on March 23, 2018

Clarity sponsor One Planet Plate Initiative

Clarity is delighted supporting the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) by sponsoring the launch of the One Planet Plate initiative on the 24th March. 

The One Planet Plate campaign is a campaign to put sustainability on the menu – a chance for chefs worldwide to demonstrate to diners in food form how they’re contributing to a better food future and something that we as an agency are delighted to involved in. Explains Jo Robinson, Director of Hospitality, “Clarity has supported a number of hospitality and leisure brands in communicating their sustainability message to stakeholders and understands the importance of driving this agenda. Brands need to make it an integral part of their business culture rather than just a bolt on.”

To find out more about One Planet click here or read below just a few of our top tips on how we can all help contribute to putting sustainability on the menu.

Use a reusable coffee cup! It’s estimated that around 2.5bn coffee cups are thrown away in the UK each year – that’s 7 million a day! By using a reusable cup on your commute you could prevent 233 cups going to landfill every year. (WWF Earth Hour). Not only are we encouraging the Clarity team when out and about to use a reusable cup, we’ve actively encouraged others to, by giving recent attendees to our Clarification event their own reusable cup.

Refuse plastic cutlery. By 2050 there could be more plastic in the sea than fish! By refusing a plastic knife and fork with your lunch each working day of the year, you could personally save 466 items of unnecessary plastic. (WWF Earth Hour). We pledge that for future Clarity hosted events, we will not use plastic cutlery.

Compost leftover food. Composting a tonne of food and drink waste has a carbon footprint of just 6kg. Sending the same amount to landfill via your bin produces more than 100 times that amount – equivalent to driving a car for 24 hours! (WWF Earth Hour). As Clarity has grown and generates more waste, we now have our leftover food collected and used to generate green electricity via anaerobic digestion.

Vote with your fork. Chefs worldwide demonstrate how food can help us live better on planet earth. A One Planet Plate is a delicious vote for the future you want to see. Head to a participating restaurant to try their hero dish first hand. Clarity is happy to support such a great initiative, that is relevant to many of the brands we work with but also important in raising awareness around the global food sustainability challenge.


Jo Robinson

Jo has over 20 years experience working in advertising and marketing agencies and has worked with clients across the automotive, FMCG and hospitality sectors. Her spare time is taken up with family and their dog – Harry the Korthals Griffon.