helping brands thrive in complex times

Clear Thinking™ is our secret sauce, it’s the simple recipe we trust and use on every project. We know if we follow it we stand the best chance of giving our clients the extra insight to help them achieve meaningful commercial results. Everytime.

Pattern Pattern

the methodology



The first task in any project whether it’s repositioning a brand, a new seasonal menu or full responsive ecommerce website is to understand the challenge that our client is facing. We always seek to define the problems and aspirations for the project because we know that once we reach a complete understanding of the context we can apply our intelligence to find a breath-taking solution.

Stage 1


Once we know the brief better than the person who wrote it, it’s time to learn all the other stuff. So at this point in the process we turn to surveys, studies, whitepapers, market research, experts and any other vaguely relevant resource we can lay our hands on. All in the pursuit of the total understanding that unlocks that special insight.

Stage 2


Expression is all about us breathing life into everything we’ve learnt and articulating it into a clever, beautifully crafted solution that hits the spot for both the client and the audience. Doesn't matter to us if that’s a witty animation, a show stopping menu or an all singing all dancing website - it's all about providing you with the right solution.

Stage 3


When we all love the idea, the creative, the copy or whatever the perfect solution is, it's time to share it with the world. Like all proud parents we're there every step of the way as our baby flies the nest and takes on a life of it's own.

Stage 4


Report, refine, re-evaluate, ROI, rejoice - let's face it there’s lots of R words applicable at this stage of the process but we’ve opted for Results as a coverall. We know we are only as good as our last project and making sure we delivered on the client’s KPI’s, whatever they are, is what we will be judged on.

Stage 5