/success story

Costa Fresco



We were contacted by Costa’s innovation team to redefine their food proposition. Fresher food. To create a brand manifesto and a tone of voice that would run across the product, the environment and the Costa Fresco flagship stores.

The Results

Fresh new

feel for Costa stores

Unified style

and brand proposition


food and drink purchase communications

THE Approach

Conversion of a second Fresco store was scheduled, yet the proposition needed addressing. Clarity had 10 days to conduct research, gather relevant trends and craft a proposition that enabled fresher food to work alongside its well loved coffee, and inspire an improved environment. The executive board bought into our proposal.

Clarity subsequently created mood boards that brought alive the proposition through the environment, the type of food and drink and the people that serve it.

We liaised with Costa and their interior contacts from concept through to installation to realise a fresher look. White City store opened in October 2016 and Milton Keynes store opened in November 2016.

Wall arts that were based in key aspects and heritage of the brand were created from concept through to artwork, calling out the materials and checking the installation prior to opening.

Having inspired it, we then supported the food merchandising development for fresh food, chilled and hot food. We created relevant food and drink purchase communications throughout the customer journey – ensuring the brand proposition and styling was retained throughout the new environment.