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To create a space within the recently launched E.ON visitor centres that was capable of engaging audiences of wide demographics, from school children to local councillors. These centres had been opened in quick succession, ranging from those in public spaces to those servicing the communities of new renewable energy power plants.

The Results


school visitors a year on average


positive feedback


footfall annually


I have to say we are delighted with the result of the internal exhibit and the interactives recently installed. The new elements are very well used and appreciated. The feedback from customers was also excellent. Thanks to you and your team for the very efficient way this installation was handled. It went very well.

Mike Stickland, Conkers

THE Approach

E.ON wanted to develop an engaging and educational brand experience for its visitor centres, the Clarity plan delivered much more…

Clarity found a way to create a fun and absorbing experience with the E.ON brand at its core.

Through a range of interactive exhibits, offering a range of games from the big and physical to the more quick thinking video variety, we created an experience that allowed people to really explore energy.

The Clarity team are experts at taking complicated subjects and making them accessible to the relevant audience.

Professor Able was born, a character developed by Clarity to narrate and guide the visitor through the learning experience.

We sought out innovative mechanisms to help the young audiences engage through gamification and competitive experiences, bringing a potentially dry subject to life, making it relevant and fun.  

Clarity's integration of multi-platform methods into a learning environment was a core element of what made the projects so successful. Traditional and new media methods created a truly immersive experience.