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The perfect backdrop to inspire pride and passion!


To develop a fresh and inspiring concept for Interserve’s offices.  Located in London’s Capital Tower, the offices occupy a prominent position opposite Waterloo Station.

The Results


applied across four floors


staggered to enable Interserve to keep on working


Clarity understood our needs and brought the brief and our brand to life.  The team was very flexible and supported us through challenges, and went above expectation to ensure the project was a success.

Judi Morris, Head of Marketing

THE Approach

Interserve, one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies, wanted to boost the vibrancy and warmth of its office space.  Clarity was challenged to devise an interior that would create real pride in the organisation and inspire their customers and employees alike.

The introduction of colour, typography and imagery that would flow throughout the environment created a consistent brand voice and aesthetic. Furnishings and incorporated products further complimented this graphic system.

The reception wall provided a perfect backdrop to showcase Interserve’s breadth of service, heritage, values and ethos.  The wall creates an impactful visual narrative of the company’s journey of growth.

The range of furniture styles chosen reflected the requirement for the internal space to meet a variety of needs from formal meetings, to open workspace, informal breakout and casual meeting areas.

The genius room concept celebrated how Interserve has embraced an inspirational approach to innovation across its entire organisation on a daily basis.

Squiggle graphic walls, provided a functional area for mapping ideas and sketches, with the background colour and graphics helping to integrate the handwritten elements into the space and created supporting visual patterns.