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Making Car Finance Simple


Volkswagen Financial Services had completed a number of focus group sessions and it had become apparent that car finance is often viewed as a confusing and complex subject.  Too many acronyms and industry specific terminologies left the consumer feeling perplexed.  Clarity was tasked with simplifying the car finance message.

The Results

3 Awards nominations


Cream Award


Masters of Marketing


DRUM Network Awards

6 million

YouTube views


Facebook followers

THE Approach

As well as being confusing, car finance is often viewed as a dry and dull subject. It was therefore imperative that we created an engaging campaign with a light-hearted tone. Another aspect was that consumers respond better to impartial advice rather than that associated with a brand or organisation.

The campaign needed to resonate well across several social media channels with a website being developed as part of phase two.

After reviewing the research and completing several workshop sessions, Car Finance Made Simple was created.

Our designers used VWFS’ secondary colour palette which included brighter, bolder colours than their usual corporate palette. This helped to distinguish Car Finance Made Simple from VWFS as a brand, allowing the advice to appear impartial.

We produced friendly, personable characters using ‘everyday’ settings which were then animated.  The animations are short, easy to digest videos that cover key topics.

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