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To design an interior for the Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains facility which would reflect the precision engineering for which the company is renowned.

The Results


now functions effectively

Brand identity

reflected in the design

Core values

displayed throughout the interior


At MBHPE we strive for excellence in all we do.  Clarity understood this and created an interior scheme that reflected these exacting standards, worked beautifully and befitted the Mercedes brand.

Christian Struwe

FD, MB High Performance Engines

THE Approach

Clarity was perfectly positioned to tackle the brief with its unrivalled understanding of all things automotive and its design team that really understands how to turn a space into an experience.

To deliver a pole-topping interior and experience, Clarity challenged conventions of what could be achieved in the available space.

The Mercedes-Benz brand identity was a continuous thread running through every aspect of the design such as the sleek lines of the reception desk which reflected the aerofoil of a McLaren F1 car.

Or the ‘3-point star’ seating arrangement in the restaurant area, designed to echo the iconic Mercedes-Benz logo.

Clarity handled every aspect of the project, from concept to installation, making life as easy as possible for the client.

We were able to represent the Mercedes-Benz brand values through our selection of a cool palette, highly engineered features and clean lines.

Employees now have an environment that truly embodies the Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines brand, and tells the story of a business passionately dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.