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To make sure that the serious commitment to sustainability undertaken by Bidfood was communicated effectively so that the brand benefited from its work in that area.

The Results


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The format of our Sustainability Report has been totally refreshed by the innovative approach taken by Clarity.  The reader friendly and eye catching document has received a number of positive comments from our stakeholders.  Several managers have made comments regarding the changed format and how much easier it is to read.

Shirley Duncalf, Head of Sustainability, Bidfood

THE Approach

A new approach to Bidfood’s sustainability communications was needed to ensure full engagement of stakeholders and to differentiate its business. Clarity set about creating Bidfood’s sustainability journey to make its message more accessible with enhanced content, moving away from a lengthy, static report.

Clarity developed an approach to sustainability communications which would engage stakeholders and differentiate Bidfood’s business.

Development sessions with the Bidfood team revealed some amazing stories throughout the entire supply chain, together making a daily contribution to the business.  These discussions led to the establishment of a new concept called ‘The Road We Travel’ and a multi-platform approach was created.  Using Clarity’s sustainability expertise, an enhanced interactive report was designed and divided into key areas for sustainability focus.

Video interviews and content were captured from across the supply chain to bring the journey to life and demonstrate the many collaborative stories helping to drive sustainability forwards.

The new style report designed by Clarity is a multi platform solution, although there continues to be a small run in traditional print. The digital version links to the videos so the audience can experience these first-hand.

All digital content is optimised for mobile devices, enabling audiences to engage at their own convenience.

The home of sustainable food service

Clarity recognised the opportunity for Bidfood to become a thought leader in food sustainability, further differentiating it from its competitors.  The team worked with Bidfood to develop www.plate2planet.co.uk , a website providing essential advice and a forum for sharing views on responsible production and consumption across the food services industry. 

Clarity designed and built the website, creating a central hub dedicated to sustainability in foodservice.  The site is the result of collaboration with other companies and industry bodies but is powered by Bidfood.  Its objective is to facilitate the sharing of best practice and knowledge across the sector to help others on their own sustainability journey.

Clarity has certainly ensured that Bidfood’s commitment to sustainability will be recognised by all its stakeholders.