/success story




To rebrand Mitchells and Butlers heartland estate of over 600 sites, differentiating them from their competition and positioning them to become category leaders.

The Results


across all 600 pubs and restaurants


adopted as a template for all Mitchells and Butlers brands

THE Approach

Sizzling Pubs is one of four pub/restaurant brands owned by Mitchells and Butlers. The brand was losing significant share in a commoditised sector, and so it was decided to initiate a strategy that would consolidate all brands across their 600 sites into one parent brand.

Mitchells and Butlers wanted to use the equity in the Sizzling name and re-position it as a challenger brand, with the view to soon becoming the market leader.

Through research Clarity discovered that, in the first instance, the brand was not resonating effectively to a significant proportion of its younger audience. Secondly, there was little about the proposition that distinguished it in the market, and this needed addressing to increase brand value.

Clarity decided to create a more brand led position that was focused around the idea of being ‘Full of Life’.  Every time a guest experiences the Sizzling brand, it is an opportunity for a rich, life enhancing event. 

We then created a visual identity that enabled the ‘Full of Life’ concept to live and breathe and become a brand platform that both customers and team could engage with and enjoy.

A core part of bringing people closer to the brand is enabling them to experience the concept of being ‘Full of Life’.  We did this through the promotion of events and activities, as well as social campaigns.

Clarity created the menu system for Sizzling. Many yeas of crafting menus had enabled us to design the best brand experience whilst providing a tool to effectively sell products.

Clarity has truly instilled new life into the Sizzling brand.