/success story


Coca-Cola celebrates the passion of their team!


Developing an internal engagement campaign that captured the imagination of their teams and supported a culture of learning, resulted in a real shift in their call centre employee’s mindset, reinforcing the pride that already existed in the Coca Cola brand.

Many of the brands we work with are committed to developing the skills of their workforce as part of their overall retention strategy and see it as vital to their business growth as the attraction and retention of key staff. The investment in a comprehensive internal communications programme succeeds in not only creating a healthy learning culture but a more fulfilled workforce, that has proven ROI.

The Results


reduction in team turnover in the first year of the campaign.


increase in sales as a result of outbound call behaviour.

THE Approach

An online micro-site to house rich digital campaign content was a core aspect of the solution.

Clarity Provided tools to build the employer brand and inspire other interested parties.

We gave the team tools to record and make notes of their triumphs and learning experiences

Clarity are experts at alignment. Taking a rich 360° approach to understanding the prospects journey and providing a much richer experience.