/success story

TGI Fridays

Redefining that Fridays feeling


To redefine the TGI Fridays brand and offering. The acquisition of a flagship site at Newcastle’s Eldon Square presented TGI Fridays with a perfect opportunity to redefine the brand and its offering, opening up more reasons to visit, at different times of the day, all week long.

The Results

Day menu

A new condensed day menu

Main Menu

A new look Main Menu

Drinks menu

A new drinks menu

Creative concept

A new style, flexible, creative concept

Landing page

A new style landing page

THE Approach

TGI Fridays is known for its fantastic atmosphere, head-turning WOW moments, amazing food, drinks and the best teams in the industry.  Its aggressive growth strategy continues with plans to double its estate by 2020.

Clarity brought the brand identity up to date and gave it a more ‘grown up’ treatment. The removal of the ‘light bulb’ effect and introduction of the stencilled font made it accessible for all day parts whilst keeping it recognisable and true to the brand.

A condensed 2pp day menu was introduced for use during the morning and lunchtime day parts.  Featuring new brunch and lunch dishes with easy to navigate promotional offers.

A brand new look Main Menu delivers freshness and choice in a way never seen before at TGI Fridays, whilst maintaining the classic favourites that the brand is famous for.

A new style creative concept, with interchangeable panels to ensure relevance by day part ensures the communication of relevant messages at all points of the customer journey.

A new style landing page informs the guest that there is something new in store for Eldon Square with sketches and renders of the new look interior.

The new drinks menu maximises the quality and freshness famed by TGI Fridays master bartenders with the use of full bleed photography. The look was achieved using a mix of studio photography with pre shot in-restaurant backgrounds to create depth and perspective.

Clarity’s redefining of the brand has created even more reasons to visit TGI Fridays.