/success story




To refresh the Thyme brand with the objective of significantly increasing the number of Premier Inn guests opting to eat at the in-house restaurant.

The Results


in guests eating in house

Modern and fresh

feel across the entire brand


interior décor


menus and food offerings

THE Approach

Clarity recommended that Thyme move away from the classic pub feel and adopt a more modern, fresh restaurant approach.  Four key pillars were initiated around which the entire brand would be based: Freshness; Convenience; Value for Money and Choice.  These pillars would influence every decision from creating a new menu to the look and feel of the restaurants themselves.  The positioning statement implemented by Clarity, ‘Feel Refreshed’ helped to drive this focus.

Many years of crafting menus enabled Clarity to create a menu system for Thyme which encapsulated the new brand feel whilst simultaneously working effectively as a sales tool.

A key aspect of the repositioning was to engage the team. This engagement helped to build a culture where ‘Feel Refreshed” is at the centre of the service experience.

Clarity developed promotions to engage guests across social media, weaving the Thyme brand into their everyday lives.

A separate breakfast proposition was developed for Thyme. To ensure that meals delivered to customers would live up to expectations, Clarity used a realistic, editorial style of photography to showcase all food, designed to appeal to the eyes as well as the appetite.

Clarity designed promotional creative for multiple hero campaigns using our fresh new photography style.

A new kids menu was designed that added a fun flavour to meals at Thyme.

The new photographic style was applied to build a pool of assets that exude a sense of freshness and desirability.

A brand new interior scheme was created by Clarity, bringing the brand positioning to life in the spatial environment.