/success story

Whitbread Inns

bringing customers through the front door


To increase the local customer base for Whitbread Inns and Table Table, driving new and repeat visits and communicating awareness of their pubs and restaurants.

The Results

8% uplift

in like for like growth in restaurant sales


for other Whitbread restaurants to create Local Marketing Door Drop activity

THE Approach

Through close client partnering and liaison across the brands Clarity established the benefits of conducting a door drop trial to cut through other media and crowded inboxes, straight into people’s hands.

Clarity designed a leaflet format that would stand out, no matter which way up it landed on the doormat.

The proposal for design and content included personalisation so that leaflets were specific to each of the 97 local Whitbread Inns’ pubs and Table Table restaurants.

Clarity has ensured widespread awareness of Whitbread Inns and Table Table in their local communities.